Monitor and manage water use in your building. Minimize water damage from pipe breaks, toilet overflows, leaking faucets and shower heads. Eliminate water loss through leaking irrigation systems, boilers, chillers, pumps and exchangers. Monitor temperature in isolated occupied spaces to prevent pipes from freezing.

Over 4,000 apartment units protected.

Over $435,000 in building repairs saved.

Monitoring / Protecting Water systems currently valued at $23,000,000; 185 buildings protected

Gain Insights. Reduce Operating Costs

Assorted sensors
Flood Alert laptop screen


Instant alerts on your phone and desktop help prevent property damage due to:

Leaks & Floods

thermometer with measurement markings floating outside<



Lightning bolt

Power Outage


24/7 monitoring and analytics of water usage and A/C performance mean:

bar graph with line graph positioned above

Lower water bills

More energy savings

Better utility budgeting


More efficient HVAC systems and less water wasted mean:

faucet dripping water

Improved water conservation

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

Realized sustainability goals


Install Fast

  • under 10 minutes
  • no WiFi required

Gain Insight

  • see entire portfolio
  • real-time alerts

Save Big

  • payback in ~2 months
  • 18% less wasted water

Case Studies

Long-Term Care Home, Broken Fixtures

A large long-term care facility in Kitchener. The water usage of the building is remotely monitored using an Alert Labs Flowie installed on the main municipal water meter.

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Rental Building, Multiple Minor Fixture Leaks

Water loss in a medium sized residential apartment building in London Ontario. The water usage of the building is remotely monitored using an Alert Labs Flowie on the main municipal water meter.

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Rental Building, Pipe Freeze Prevented

A High-rise residential property in Chatham, Ontario has been equipped with Alert Labs Flowie and Floodie devices.

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Rental Building, Broken Pipe Found

Water loss in an apartment building in Sarnia, which is a high-riserental property. The boilers failed on occasion and the hot water tank stopped working often too.

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Long-Term Care Home, Flush Valve Left Running

WATERSHIELD monitors in a long-term care facility in Southwestern Ontario detected a mechanical room flush valve that was left fully open running to a floor drain.

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Founded in 2019, WATERSHIELD is part of a family-owned group of companies that specialize in the maintenance and operation of domestic water systems throughout Ontario, Canada. WATERSHIELD Inc. is a certified Value Added ReSeller of Alert Labs™ products.

We pride ourselves on our use of Canadian-made products, and we're excited to offer superior-quality water treatment systems to prevent water pipe pinhole leaks through our sister company, LEaC Shield Ltd. We can preserve all your drinking water pipes for the remaining useful life of your building very economically and quickly. Never a need to discard, nor epoxy plastic line your pipes, ever.


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